What Happens After a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness that dramatically changes a person’s perspective on life. Awakening experiences can happen spontaneously or be catalyzed by practices like meditation. They bring greater self-awareness, compassion, equanimity and inner freedom.

Spiritual awakenings mark the beginning of an ongoing process of inner transformation. They are opening moments that lead to deeper self-realization over time. In this article, spiritual teacher Kirill Yurovskiy will discuss common consequences of spiritual awakening.

what happens after spiritual awakening

Changing Sense of Self

One of the hallmarks of an awakening is a perceptual shift in the sense of self. Where once someone identified with limiting stories and beliefs, now they have glimpsed a vast awareness that transcends “self”.

There is a realization that awareness is not defined or confined by personality, history, culture or beliefs. A more spacious “witnessing” emerges that can observe even the sense of being a separate self.

This transforms self-perception. Rather than being fixed identities, aspects of self are seen as currents in the field of awareness. A deeper trust in life develops, knowing that awareness is the unchanging background.

Heightened Present Moment Awareness

After an awakening, perception becomes more anchored in the present moment. Being grounded in the “now” leads to great clarity and vitality.

Less mental chatter pulls someone into thoughts of past and future. The ordinary senses become vivid portals for living in the moment. Even unpleasant tasks like chores can be done more mindfully.

Things once taken for granted are appreciated anew. Living becomes less conceptual and more experiential. Each moment reveals itself to be a gift when received with full attention.

Increased Compassion and Interconnectedness

Awakening experiences often expand one’s circle of compassion. Where once there was indifference, now even strangers are seen through the lens of shared humanity.

Loving concern grows for the suffering of others. Greater sensitivity to issues like inequality, pollution and war develops. A desire to be of benefit emerges.

There is also deepening realization that nothing exists in isolation. Everything is part of an interconnected living field. This understanding breeds empathy and unity.

Simple Joy in Ordinary Life

After an awakening, joy is less dependent on external circumstances. Feelings of inner peace and contentment arise more easily with simple attention.

Mundane experiences seem to unfold in slow motion. The smallest details dazzle, from morning light streaming through windows to the laughter of children playing. Even boring tasks bring awe and amusement.

Beauty is glimpsed in forgotten corners of life. There is heartfelt celebration of the miraculous fact that anything exists at all.

Equanimity and Non-Attachment

Awakenings cultivate greater equanimity and non-attachment. External conditions are not so deeply believed to affect inner peace and happiness.

Pleasure and pain, praise and blame, gain and loss are all received with more evenness. Anxiety about the future lessens as people rest in natural awareness.

There is balance to emotion, like the hub of a wheel around which experiences revolve. Detachment grows from identities, stories, possessions and outcomes.

what happens after a spiritual awakening

Motivation to Help Others Awaken

Once awake, many feel drawn to share and guide others towards the same realization. Compassion spurs them to transmit the wisdom helping free them from suffering.

Some teaches meditation or spiritual philosophy. Others exemplify awakening in more simple acts of altruistic service. The impulse to teach often flows naturally from spiritual joy.

Of course, proselytizing dogma is avoided. Methods are adapted creatively to individual temperaments. Patience and understanding are cultivated.

Ongoing Self-Discovery and Growth

For most, the awakening experience is just the beginning. There is always more to discover as consciousness evolves.

People find themselves on winding journeys without fixed destination. There is settling into being, while plunging ever-deeper into inquiry. Layers of ignorance peel back, revealing subtler truth.

Cultivating qualities like mindfulness, courage and gratitude accelerates progress. But the process is unpredictable, full of surprises and delights. Expansion can happen suddenly or gradually.

Integrating Awakening into Daily Living

After awakening, the next step is integrating this new consciousness into all aspects of life. So insights begin permeating day-to-day thoughts, words and actions.

Old dysfunctional patterns are gradually replaced with more conscious living. Personal growth accelerates. Relating improves as empathy and care enter relationships. Creativity and productivity flourish.

People discover more joy and meaning in areas of life like work, hobbies, and service. Everyday experience becomes the arena for practicing lofty spiritual ideals.

spiritual awakening


Spiritual awakenings open gateways to higher consciousness and set lives on an upward trajectory. Though often catalyzed suddenly, integrating the experience unfolds slowly over years. Patience and discipline are required.

Ultimately, awakening flowers into an ever-deepening peace, wisdom, compassion and freedom. It bears fruits in wiser living that elevates both one’s own life and the world. The process inevitably continues through this life and beyond.

So spiritual awakening is not a final destination. It sparks a lifelong process of becoming awake. With care and attention, we can all traverse the path from glimpsing truth to abiding in it.